We strive to make the future happen today.
Looking to the way people live their lives or how companies do business we build solutions that improve and create value.

build relations

We believe in building relations as a base to any project we start.
Working closely with our customers we build partnerships that have a meaningful business impact.

create value

Understanding business needs and how people work is key to create powerful and beautiful solutions that streamline processes, save time and make people more productive.


With +8 years of experience we contribute to the success of healthcare businesses.
Working with several major companies and top reference hospitals in Portugal, we provide software development skills and resources to build software that reaches millions of people all over the world.

skills &


we have developed +50 projects using the best technologies available


we have built more than 10 Apps that are actively used by people and businesses


the knowledge of specific languages and workflows of healthcare businesses allow us to build better solutions


we develop IOT systems that interact with information systems and give more insight to business and decision makers


hospitals more productive


clinics with better services

+10 000

users empowered

+2 000 000

people reached

for healthcare

Discover how our service helps health care and software providers connect with patients.

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We are ready and have the skills to develop complex solutions for companies that operate in highly competitive environments.

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